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Tips for Stock Market Investors

A while back I was looking for information on investing, because I thought I might want to give investing a try. After some research I found some tips to becoming a better stock market investor. If you are looking for good stock market investing advice, below is a list of tips to make you become a better stock market investor.

Tips for Stock Market Investing

Tips for investing in the stock market
-Investing is not a hobby
-Get some great investment management software
-Get an education
-Learn about money management
-Read widely
-Find a good investment service to subscribe to
-Practice makes perfect
-Control your emotions
-Learning from bad trades
-Take a Break
-Be Risk Cautious
-Follow the Rules
-Balance Risk and Reward
-Stay Humble
-Be Cautios about high risk investments
-Make sure you use only capital you can afford to lose
-If you fall get up
-Adhere to limits
-Purchase less
-Buy low sell high
-Expect Changes
-Create a business goal
-Before trading a stock Learn about its trends
-Learn about factors that can make a stock go up and down
-Take advantage of publication that help you make decisions
-Take advice from a pro
-Do not fall for "pump and dump schemes"
-Understand economics and business cycles
-Understand how to use Chart and indicators
-Understand how to scan for stocks
-Understand how many stocks you wish to buy
-Understand cash allocation and risk reward
-Create you trading strategy
-Create your trading system
-Use stop losses
-Live a modest life, avoiding lavish spending
-Avoid compulsive buyer and seller of stocks
-Buy stocks of companies which has simple products and services
-Use your own method to evaluate value of stocks
-Buy stocks that move a lot
-Don't take your brokers advice
-Make decisions on your own
-Always buy undervalued stocks
-Buy stocks of companies doing monopoly business
-Only confused people diversify thier investments
-Buy stock to hold it for life
-Do not do investment to make money, instead invest your money
with the objective of generating more assets
-Think Resilience
-Avoid overpaying for a Stock
-Make sure all of the air is out of the balloon
-It may be a good idea to not discuss your stocks with others
-A good point to sell is when your stock has doubled
-Sometimes you may only want to sell half when your stock has doubled